Thursday, 17 May 2012

~ 14 May 2012 ~

It's not about being everyone else wants you to be..
It's about being yourself & finding someone who loves you every bit of it..

Hard times don't last forever..
but true friendships do..
i'll always be there for anything you need..
even if it's just someone to listen..

14 MAY 2012... the day i'll never forget... =)

~ Finished My Intern ~

woot.. woot.. woot..
nak bagitaw nih..
I'm now at UKM ter CHENTAA !!...
wahhhhhhhhhhhh.. lame bangat tak ketemu sama Universiti daku nie...
motif datang sini...???
For sure lah to submit my report plus gathering with my BFF group tersayang...

 i'm now already finished my intern last Friday which is on 11 May 2012..
my feeling...??
hurm.. a little bit sedih laa sbb lately ni i n my unit look like very close but not so close laa..
we can laugh.. eat.. joke n so on together compare to before..
Biarlah Rahsiaaa.. hehe...

See... betapa HAPPY dan GILER nyee kamii... =)
before go home..
someone ask me to have a last one stop centre...
as usuall.. we joke.. sakat.. laugh.. story all the thingsss...
and also give present to each other...
so funnnn...

Comel tak saye..?? tgk TUDUNG r.. hehe.. tQ !!


*tak sangka mata tak berkelip sebelah...  ;)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

~ Empty ~

Just want to share my feeling now...
Serba Salah
and adik beradik dengannya

Kawan biar ramai
Tapi takot biler berkawan ade yang menaruh perasaan lain
tu yang jadi masalah
and now
it's happen to me

Keluar dengan orang lain
tapi hati fikir pasal orang lain
so how..??

rasa macam ade 3 hati untuk dijaga
yes, i admit that i also interested with him
same goes to him

YA ALLAH.. help me please...